UK Security Services Prevent 13 Terror Attacks

Since 2013, the UK’s security services have foiled 13 terror attacks in the country, it has been revealed.

The country’s most senior counter-terrorism police officer assistant commissioner Mark Rowley also said that there are up to 500 active counter-terrorism investigations being carried out at any one time.

He also said that members of the public have been invaluable in coming forward with useful information.

Speaking to Sky News, Mr Rowley stated: “It’s my belief that without the public’s help, some of the terror plots which we’ve foiled would have been successful.”

He went on to explain that the security forces have to cover an incredibly wide range of threats, from sophisticated plots to those involving just one or two individuals. Information from the public can help fill in the gaps in investigations, he added.

Mr Rowley also urged people to call the anti-terrorist hotline if they have any suspicions. He explained that they would rather receive dozens of calls that turn out to be dead ends, than miss one call that could have helped prevent an attack.

Earlier this month, former counter-terrorism chief with Scotland Yard Richard Walton told a BBC drama-documentary that firearms attacks were “a constant anxiety” for the police and intelligence services.

He also revealed his worries over vulnerable young criminals being radicalised by convicted terrorists who go into the UK’s jails.

Businesses, particularly those based in the UK’s big cities, can’t be too careful these days and with the terror threat in the country remaining severe it is worth investing in security to protect your employees. Installing window films could make the difference should a terror attack occur near your premises.

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