Optically clear

Reduce your CO2 emissions today with Solartek STKC02 film.

STKCO2 is a virtually clear film that reduces energy use costs and has excellent heat gain reduction. It removes ultraviolet light and reduces the fading of fabrics, furnishings and interiors.

Available as CDA adhesive product, it has low visual distortion and provides good optical clarity.

Applying Solartek STKCO2 can help to increase your profits. Air conditioning costs are reduced and products will be protected from the damaging fading effects of ultraviolet light. As the film is virtually clear, you will gain from these benefits without requiring additional artificial lighting.

Solartek STKCO2 carries a 15 year warranty for internal use when installed professionally by us.

Benefits of Solartek STKCO2 Optically Clear Window Film:

Heat Reduction 63%
Glare Reduction 23%

This optically-clear film is also available in a Combined Security/Heat Reduction version.

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