UV/Fade reduction

We supply and install Ultra Violet Film to glass nationwide, when installed it solves many glass problems such as:

  • Reflects 99% Ultra Violet Light (the main cause of fading)
  • Save lost money in faded goods
  • Extend time on changing window displays
  • Holds glass together on impact (could reduce boarding up costs)
  • 10 year manufacturers warranty

“Can you stop my stock or belongings from fading?”

“Can you reduce fading?”

“Can you cut out ultra violet rays from the sun?”

These are questions Solartek are asked every day.

The answer to these questions is “Yes!“. We can cut out 99% of harmful ultra violet rays and we can reduce fading. We can increase your profits by saving expensive stock from fading, and negating the need to pay expensive window dressers to change your window so often. If you’re a home owner we can preserve your carpets, furnishings and paintings.

Solartek UV/Museum film is optically clear and can be retro fitted to your glass with minimum disruption.

It has a ten year manufacturer’s warranty and can be on your glass tomorrow.

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