Bronze reflective

Solartek’s bronze range is available in dark, medium and light grades.

Designed for maximum heat rejection, Solartek bronze is a perfect solution for commercial buildings that receive an excessive amount of solar exposure. Its aluminium, metallized construction provides the comfort and protection needed while reducing the sun’s glare that causes unwelcome eyestrain.

Additionally, Solartek bronze films will assist with balancing interior hot spots and deliver cost-efficient energy savings for building managers and homeowners. Daylight privacy will deter opportunist burglars by making it difficult to see through your glass, hiding your expensive belongings from view.

With a modern metallic finish Solartek bronze blends in well with factory tinted glass along with todays more sophisticated commercial and residential architecture. It aesthetically enhances any coloured brick buildings and looks great against white or grey window frames.

Blocks 99% of UV rays which are extremely harmful.

Reduces fading – 10 Year manufacturer-backed warranty when installed by Solartek.

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