Window Film And Other Ways To Keep Warm At Work This Autumn

If you’re already feeling the chill in the office this autumn, your workplace may not be as energy efficient as it could be. Leaky windows and doors are often to blame for escaping warmth, while large, open spaces like offices can be notoriously difficult to heat.

Follow our top tips to reduce spending on workplace heating and make your office more energy efficient this autumn.


Fit window film

Window film can help prevent the loss of warmth, ensuring your office stays snug this autumn without having to overspend on energy costs. Specially made insulating film can be laid over glazed windows, sealing leaks that you might not see but can feel. Widow film can also help keep your workplace cooler during the summer months.


Reposition furniture

Large items of furniture can soak up the heat from radiators or heaters, so it could pay off to move these pieces of furniture to other locations in the colder seasons and benefit from allowing the warm air to circulate more freely.


Do away with draughts

As well as plugging up leaky windows with insulating film, doing away with draughts can help improve warmth in the workplace. It’s possible to draught-proof your office with a liquid silicone, which can form a seal around doors and windows without causing any damage to the fittings.


Insulate the floor

Some materials used for flooring, such as concrete, or old timber floorboards, can be chilly underfoot and allow heat to escape. Consider insulating the floor of your workplace for improved heat retention. For more ideas on how to keep workers warm this autumn, take a look at advice from the Health and Safety Executive.

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