Fire Service Warns Of Mirror Danger Risk

When you think of potential health and safety dangers around your building, you don’t necessarily think that some of the decorative objects could pose a threat, but a new warning has been released which could have particular importance to buildings without window film.

Firefighters are now warning of the dangers from sunlight coming through windows and hitting reflective surfaces causing fires. A property in Balsham was set a light after a mini vanity mirror left in the bathroom caused a fire, resulting in catastrophic damage to the upstairs of the home according to Cambridge News. As the sunlight hit the mirror is caused extreme heat by concentrating the sunlight which then reflected on to the curtains and set them on fire, luckily there were no fatalities in the fire.

The fire service are now warning of the possible dangers that could put others in the same position, with many households good having the danger of something similar to this happening. Be aware of the possible dangers of items staff leave in direct sunlight, especially on window sills such as glass ornaments or magnifying mirrors. Mirrors are used often in large buildings to help increase a sense of space, but filtration of direct sunlight could be helped with window films.

While fire safety procedure is of complete importance for any operation, educating your staff about placement of belongings during summer months could also be worthwhile, especially when in an office with flammable materials such as clothes, curtains, paper and other materials.

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