Bulletproof Glass Wall To Be Built Around The Eiffel Tower

Extra protection is in line for one of the most famous landmarks in the world, in a bid to protect it – and members of the general public – against possible terrorist attacks.

An 8ft high wall of bulletproof glass is set to be built around the base of the Eiffel Tower (at a cost of around £17 million) and will replace the metal barriers that were erected temporarily during the Euro football tournament last year, the Daily Telegraph reports.

Jean-Francois Martins, deputy mayor of Paris, explained that this wall is part of a huge overhaul of the tower that will take place over the next 15 years, including reorganising the space under the tower and its surrounding park, maintenance work and plans to reduce the amount of time people spend queuing to climb up the tower.

Mr Martins confirmed that the glass wall will be in keeping with the tower’s aesthetic and will be a permanent structure. “Unfortunately, the risk of terrorism has not gone away,” he was quoted by the news source as saying.

This comes as a terror attack was foiled in France by police who arrested a group of Isis supporters – including a 16-year-old girl – that were suspected of planning a suicide bomb attack in a tourist area of Paris, which has yet to be identified.

After searching a makeshift factory, police found 71g of triacetone triperoxide, a powerful explosive favoured by Isis militants.

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