US Cities Want Buildings To Improve Energy Efficiency

There is much debate over what the most effective way of tackling climate change is, but some US cities are tired of waiting for their central government to introduce regulation to curb emissions and are taking the lead themselves.

New York is just one of the places that’s hoping to push building owners and construction firms into making their premises more energy efficient.

InsideClimate News reported that New York mayor Bill De Blasio intends to introduce stricter energy efficiency targets for the older buildings in the city. This is part of its pledge to cut emissions from buildings by 80 per cent by 2050.

The city set aside $2.7 billion in its budget to retrofit its public buildings and ensure they meet strict energy efficiency guidelines, and now it appears that buildings that are privately owned will also be expected to carry out renovations and improvements to bring them in line with the public buildings.

This includes installing new boilers, windows and insulation to minimise the energy wasted, as well as ensuring that any new developments comply with the latest energy efficiency standards.

In the UK, as well as elsewhere in Europe, there are moves to improve the energy efficiency of commercial premises. For older buildings, fitting things like energy saving window films could be a cost-effective way of making a difference to emissions.

The Energy Collective recently reported on a battle within the EU over energy efficiency targets. While EU energy ministers agreed to a 30 per cent non-binding reduction in emissions by 2030 back in June, the European Parliament has recently voted for a legally binding 40 per cent target to be introduced instead.

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