Storms Damage Amsterdam Airport Glass Roof

A glass roof was blown off of a student housing complex on Thursday during storms that lead to Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, the university science park and multiple train stations being evacuated according to NHL Times NL.

As well as injuring 3 people and leading to the closure of 2 departure lounges, the damage is expected to cost in excess of 10 million Euros!

During the same storm, the Ypenburg police station was also forced to close amid concerns that the broken glass could fall and injure passers-by.

As beautiful and widely used as glass is, it can also incredibly dangerous, which is why many are now using a window film solution in the interest of public safety. As well as protecting against heavy impact and bomb blasts, edge retention and glass anchoring systems are now being used to hold it in place for incidents like the one in Amsterdam last week.

European airline, EasyJet, recently commissioned glass film specialists Solartek to supply and install window film at their HQ in London Luton for this very reason…prevention is certainly better than cure and many more seem to be following suit and taking steps towards making their buildings safer.

Read the full news article here.

Picture: Twitter – Officer Ferry van Kollenburg

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