Solartek Bomb Blast Window Film Installed At Lord’s Cricket Ground

The security measures at Lord’s Cricket Ground have been given a significant boost, thanks to the installation of Solartek’s bomb blast window film which has been installed on 90 per cent of the windows on site.

Lord's Pavilion

Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) has been working alongside our experienced team of security professionals here at Solartek to improve its security procedures over the last year and a half. It took the decision to beef security up after being advised by the National Counter-Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) that 90 per cent of all injuries that are sustained in the event of a bomb blast are caused by flying glass.

The first building that received the full programme of window filming was the Lord’s Pavilion, a grade II-listed building and one of the most famous and iconic to be found in the world of sport.

“In the current climate it is crucial that security at Lord’s is as tight as possible, and I am very pleased with the marked improvements we have made in the last 18 months. We have excellent working relationships with numerous key stakeholders including the Met Police and the NaCTSO, and we are grateful to Solartek for their work on the blast proofing of our glazing,” MCC chief executive Derek Brewer said.

Here at Solartek, we also provide solar control window film and recently gave the Obel Tower – the tallest building in Ireland – a refurbishment using this kind of product. This kind of window film actually reflects up to 80 per cent of heat in summer and reflects 39 per cent radiant heat back in during the winter.

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