Solarcontrol window film

Solar control window film can help to reduce the effects of the sun in your home or workplace. It provides a range of simple and cost-effective solutions which can be installed with minimal disruption.

Solartek are able to install all of the world’s leading manufacturers’ solar control films. If you have a specific product in mind, please contact us. Below is a selection of the most popular products on offer to combat the effects of the sun:

Heat reduction window film

Installed with minimal disruption to your business. Effective at preventing heat built-up, particularly in workplaces and conservatories.

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Glare reduction window film

Installed with minimum disruption to your business. Excellent for minimising glare and reflections. Ideal for offices, lounges and TV rooms to minimise eye strain.

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Fade reduction window film

A special window film which offers a UV-filtering capability, to help prevent the sun from ‘bleaching’ goods over time.

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We can also offer a range of these films for blast protection applications.

For more information on our solar control window film, call us today on 08000 151815 or send us an email.