Security window film

The strongest protection your existing glass can have with security window film.

Solartek security window film is a low-cost yet effective solution to protect your property. When professionally installed it will hold your glass together on impact and is extremely difficult to break through.

A break in or burglary happens every second in the UK and the majority are smash and grabs. Deter these opportunist burglars by installing this cost effective glazing barrier.

An optically-clear film, it meets BS6206 and EN12600 and conform to all British & European impact testing.

This window film is widely used within the commercial & residential markets and offers additional benefits upon installation:

  • Cuts out 99% of UV rays
  • Helps prevent colours fading due to sunlight

Solartek can also provide this as a combined Solar/Security Window Film. This offers greater privacy throughout the day and helps to prevent opportunistic thefts. For extremely vulnerable areas, this window film can be applied with an additional anchorage system to provide an even greater level of security.

As with all Solartek window films, our security film comes with a ten-year manufacturer warranty against peeling and cracking.

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