Winter Sees 36% Rise In Burglaries

Burglars see darker nights as a great opportunity to target buildings, as thefts increase considerably during the winter months.

According to The Co-op Insurance, the number of home and motor claims made in the five months after British Summer Time comes to an end increases by 36 per cent, using figures since 2013.

As clocks went back by one hour on Sunday (October 30th), business owners and householders have been advised to be extra vigilant with their security to prevent burglars taking advantage of the darkness.

Jonathan Guy, head of claims at the Co-op Insurance, said: “Whilst in a lot of cases it is simply a case of bad luck, there are things that homeowners can do to deter thieves such as installing CCTV cameras.”

Companies looking to deter thieves from their commercial building could also fit security window film. This works by holding the glass together even when someone is trying to break through it.

The clear film looks like normal glass, but it works as an effective barrier preventing people from smashing the window and entering the building.

Other security measures include using light timers, installing exterior security lights at the front and back of the property, ensuring all doors are locked, having a burglar alarm, and locking away valuables.

This advice is reiterated by, which revealed November is a popular month for burglars. Its findings showed thefts increase by eight per cent during this month, as people take advantage of darker evenings and people being out more in the lead-up to the festive season.

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