Bricks & Fireworks Hurled In Liverpool Right-Wing Riot

Clashes between far-right protestors the North West Infidels and anti-fascist groups in Liverpool city centre late in February saw fireworks and bricks hurled at police.

According to the Daily Express, a photographer was lucky to escape serious injury after a firework hit him in the chest, while a police officer was hospitalised after being hit with a brick. Mounted police, police dogs and riot police were called to the scene outside the Crown Pub to help contain the situation.

It was originally thought that the North West Infidels would be marching in Manchester but messages left on the group’s Facebook page transpired to be a red herring.

As well as clashes outside the pub, altercations took place on the steps of St George’s Hall, with protestors seen throwing glass bottles and performing far right salutes, while Nazi swastikas were later found daubed on St George’s Hall.

“The safety of members of the public is our main priority. While we will facilitate a peaceful protest we will not tolerate disorder or criminal or anti-social behaviour. Our officers acted quickly to deal with the situation, separate groups of protestors and contain them in a single area to try to minimise the disruption caused to members of the public and local businesses,” Nikki Holland, Assistant Chief Constable, said.

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