Thieves Target Buildings After Black Friday Weekend

Homes and businesses are set to be the target for thieves after the weekend due to an influx of gifts and purchases following the Black Friday sales.

Security window film may be needed more than ever from Friday (November 25th) when the shops start slashing prices on their goods, as it is thought that last year’s spending of £3.3 billion will be eclipsed.

Indeed, according to Salmon Retail Consultancy, Brits are expected to shell out more than £5 billion between Black Friday and Cyber Monday (November 28th) when there will be huge online sales as well.

As a result of these extra purchases, Towergate Insurance has warned that burglaries are likely to increase significantly over the next few weeks.

Annie Plaskett, a spokesperson from the insurance provider, said many thieves will be targeting buildings, knowing they are full of expensive items.

Towergate revealed that last year thefts increased by 20 per cent during November, with the darker evenings making it even easier for thieves to break in without being seen.

Many employees may be heading out this Friday lunchtime to purchase their bargains, with one in four shoppers confessing they plan to shop from work.

In addition to this, 20 per cent of consumers admit they intend to do their Black Friday shopping on the internet, according to the Royal Mail. Therefore, offices could be filled with items bought during lunch breaks as well as online items posted to work where someone can sign for them.

Knowing that many goods may be left in the building over night makes it more attractive for opportunistic burglars to target offices. Therefore, having good-quality security windows that are more difficult to break into provides an added protection for your employers’ purchases, as well as other expensive office equipment.

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