Scottish School Receives Bomb Threat

Schools across the UK should be considering installing blast protection window film, after an educational establishment in Scotland evacuated its pupils following a bomb scare.

Clydebank High School, located in West Dunbartonshire, received a text at 09:30 this morning (June 14th) telling them there was a bomb in the building, the Express reported.

As a result, it cleared the premises of all students and staff members as a precaution and kept them outside while emergency services checked the area.

A spokesman for West Dunbartonshire Council was quoted by the newspaper as saying: “Precautionary measures have been taken to ensure the safety of all our pupils and they have been temporarily moved from the building to allow investigations to be carried out.”

Further to this, a spokeswoman from the police force said the threat was “believed to have been a malicious call” and was treated as a hoax after investigations were carried out of the school and no device was found.

The high school alerted the public as well as parents to the bomb scare on its Twitter account, reassuring everyone that pupils had been evacuated from the building.

Students returned to their classes less than an hour after being escorted out of the building.

Despite it being a false alarm, police are taking the scare seriously and are making inquiries into the person who sent the message.

While no damage was caused and no one was injured at Clydebank High School, having blast protection window film fitted in public premises, such as schools and hospitals, can help reduce the risk of death or harm by stopping glass smashing all over the floor in an explosion.

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