Grimsby Shop Windows Smashed By EDL Member

Businesses and shops in city and town centres could perhaps benefit from investing in safety window film if they’re worried about what might happen in the future, be it someone throwing a brick through the window or a terrorist attack taking place.

A cautionary tale has just been published in the Grimsby Telegraph that could inspire businesses to do more to protect themselves and their employees. Apparently, a member of the English Defence League (EDL) racially abused two shop workers at Today’s Local Store in Victoria Street in September last year before smashing the window, causing £500 worth of damage.

Matthew Burton, 27, shouted racist abuse at the two employees, adding: “Get out of the country. I am a member of the EDL. I will close your shop.”

Despite abusing the shop assistant, Burton was served his cigarettes and left the store. However, he later returned with co-defendant Nathan Meadows and the pair became aggressive while waiting in a queue, moments after which the shop window was smashed.

As a business owner, you never know what’s going to happen but you can take extra precautions so you know that you and your employees will be safe if something does take place. Safety window film is especially effective in protecting both property and people – after professional installation, your glass will be held together on impact, making it much harder to break through.

If someone does decide to throw something through your window or if another more serious incident takes place, instance of injury will be reduced, since the glass will not shatter as it would if the film was not installed.

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