Prevent Accidents With Safety Window Film

Whether you have big panes of glass at home or at the office, the safety of those in the nearby areas should always be your main concern. Horror stories about children running through big windows because they can’t tell that they’re shut are always in the news – and the last thing you want is for your company to be involved in such an accident.

If something like this does take place on your premises, you could be liable for damages if those concerned decide to sue.

Back in 2008, Kirsten Jeffcock from Sheffield was successful in her court case against the all-inclusive Ermones Beach Club Hotel in Ermones in Corfu after her son stumbled against a glass patio door that shattered.

As he was changing into his swimming trunks, Ms Jeffcock’s four-year-old son fell shoulder first onto the patio door. The glass broke into large shards, injuring the boy on his side and back.

“This accident could easily have been avoided. I am surprised that the glass in the patio door shattered so easily. We had to complain about the fact that the broken glass had not been properly cleared up when we returned from the hospital,” Ms Jeffcock said at the time.

You can never predict what’s going to happen so preparing for the worst and hoping for the best is always advisable. By investing in safety window film, you can help prevent such accidents from taking place. This is commonplace in both residential and commercial markets, and can help reduce the chances of injury should someone come into contact with the glass in your building.

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