Renewable Energy Cost Drop

If you are interested in installing window film on your windows in order to save energy, then you will probably be excited to hear that the cost of renewable energy is dropping.

The amount of renewable energy generated and used in this country has broken a number of records this year, as high winds, sunny days and increased capacity saw the UK get over half its energy from renewables on a number of days so far this year.

That trend is set to continue if the cost of renewable energy drops, as experts are saying it will.

Renewable energy capacity increased 10 per cent globally in 2015, which is leading to a fall in the cost of energy generation.

“Over 2016 there has been a dramatic and sustained improvement in the competitiveness of renewable power generation technologies. The most spectacular renewable energy prices were revealed through auctions that are gaining in popularity in many countries,” Vivien Foster, global lead for energy economics at the World Bank told The Guardian newspaper.

Scotland is already the second biggest wind energy producing nation in the world after Denmark and the wind energy capacity for the UK is set to soar in coming years with nearly 40 more offshore wind projects in the pipeline.

Many of these will boost the wind energy capacity of this country more than ever, as new higher capacity 8GW turbines are being installed. The first of these was installed off the coast of Merseyside last month.


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