Regulation14 window film solutions

Solartek Safety Window Film upgrades glass to meet current Health and Safety Laws ā€“ Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulation 14.

When installed, safety film holds glass together on impact. There have been many injuries sustained by glass since it became law that existing glass must be upgraded to break safely and must meet EN12600 European impact tests.

It is imperative that building owners, building managers, tenants and health & safety managers are aware of glass types in the locations within Regulation 14. Failing to do so could result in measures as severe as a corporate manslaughter charge. Penalties where injuries are sustained through glass that does not meet Regulation 14 are unlimited.

As this is a European law, Solartek Films Ltd can carry out a full glass identification survey on any of your properties within the UK and Europe.

This will identify all glass that falls within the parameters of this law. The glass will then be tested to identify the glass type. The resulting report will identify every pane of glass within your building(s) that requires upgrading to meet EN12600, along with any glass that needs to be made apparent for DDA Regulations.

Installing Solartek Safety Film to these panes of glass, with the correct EN12600 marking, provides building owners and managers with peace of mind. You can be confident that your glass is safe and meets the legislation. This could save you millions of pounds in law suits, avoid the threat of corporate manslaughter charges and prevent your business from being closed down for non-compliance.

Areas of glass within Regulation 14 that require upgrading if not conformant

(any glass that falls within the red area requires that the entire pane be upgraded)

Regulation 14 Window Film

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