Are You Ready For The New MEES?

Commercial building owners in the UK are being reminded that x`

Facilities Management World highlighted the change in law, noting that landlords would be wise to take steps now to improve the energy performance of their buildings.

Although they will still be able to advertise properties with an EPC rating lower than E once the deadline passes, they will need to put together a plan for improving the building’s energy efficiency before a new or existing tenant can sign a lease.

Landlords who do not adhere to the rules could face fines of up to £150,000, so spending some money on updating heating and cooling systems or installing energy saving window films is likely to be more than worth it in the long run.

The government is putting a lot of emphasis on clean growth within the UK’s economy, with this concept a key part of the Industrial Strategy published this month.

A total of £2.5 billion will be invested between 2015 and 2021 to support low-carbon innovations, covering everything from the delivery of low-carbon energy, to making transport and agriculture greener.

Michael Dent, managing director of Inprova Energy, told Facilities Management World why the government is putting this emphasis on commercial buildings.

“MEES is being introduced in England and Wales to shake up energy performance of non-domestic buildings, which account for 12 per cent of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions,” he stated.

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