Privacy window film

Prevent prying eyes with Solartek Privacy Window Film.

Solartek Films offer a wide range of privacy films for your home or business. When applied to clear glass, these window films can prevent prying eyes from seeing computer screens and expensive equipment, or even hide false ceilings, brickwork and shelving. They can also be used on internal partitions to offer privacy to people in offices, removing that ‘goldfish bowl’ effect.

Frosted Privacy Film

Our range of frosted films allow up to 80% of light transmission, giving full privacy while still providing comfortable working conditions in natural light. The frosted films allow movement to be seen through the glass but hide detail, so sensitive information on computer screens remains private.

Blackout Film

Available in black or white, these films completely block out clear glass. It becomes impossible to see through and all light transmission is prevented. Blackout films can be used to hide unsightly views such breeze block walls or false ceilings. They can alternatively be used as a temporary measure during office or shop refurbishments.

Coloured Vinyl

Available in gloss and matt finishes in all colours of the spectrum, Solartek coloured vinyls offer full privacy when applied to clear glass, and are more aesthetically pleasing than the blackout films. Applied either internally or externally, coloured vinyls are used by many high street shops and supermarkets to hide unsightly fixed shelving.

Digitally Printed Privacy Film

Adding digitally printed window film to your glazing opens up a whole new and unique way of advertising. We can take any picture and print on to a privacy film, before applying it to glass or any other flat surface. Whether it be advertising your products on glass, your vehicle or a wall through to aesthetically enhancing the look of any area, Solartek Films can assist you from ideas, design, supply and installation.

Digitally printed window film can be printed on to either clear or coloured vinyl, making good use of any redundant flat surface.

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