Natural History Museum Crash ‘Not A Terror Attack’

The UK’s terrorism threat level is still at Severe, meaning an attack is highly likely. This is just one step below the highest-possible level of Critical, so it’s easy to see why, when a car crashed just outside the Natural History Museum last week people jumped to the conclusion it was another terror attack.

However, although a number of pedestrians were injured when the car mounted a pavement just a short distance from the iconic museum, police have stated that they are treating this as a car accident, not a deliberate attack.

One man, who is believed to be the driver of the car, was arrested by police on suspicion of dangerous driving at the scene.

When the incident occurred, armed police were on site within minutes and a cordon was established while they assessed the situation.

Although this thankfully wasn’t another terrorist attack, it highlights the importance of being vigilant and taking precautions against such threats. Businesses in London and other large cities in the UK in particular may want to think about what they can do to improve their security and the safety of employees and customers.

Installing security window films could be one way to protect your workers in the event of an attack near your business.

Last month, counter-terrorism police issued a warning to the UK’s football clubs, noting that they could be targeted as the football season kicked off. Club officials attended training to help them identify potential threats and improve security at their grounds, the Daily Mail reported.

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