London Included In Terror Targets Found On Phone

Businesses in London might want to invest in anti shatter film or similar to protect themselves and their employees in case a terrorist attack takes place in the city.

According to Sky News, Italian police arrested three asylum seekers after pictures of potential terror targets were found on mobile phones – with London included in the list. Zulfiqar Amjad and Gulistan Ahmadzai were held in Milan, and Hakim Nasiri was detained in Bari, while arrest warrants have been issued for a further two suspects.

In addition, it was further revealed that a militant cell had been set up in Puglia in south-east Italy, with images discovered of sites like the port, airport and a shopping centre.

Where London is concerned, sites that were photographed include the Ibis hotel near the Excel Centre, the Premier Inn at International Square, a footbridge in Canary Wharf and the Sunborn Yacht hotel in Royal Victoria Dock.

This comes after former Met Police commander Bob Broadhurst told the BBC that a terrorist attack in London is an inevitability – although there is no intelligence as yet that would suggest a specific attack is on the horizon.

Nevertheless, businesses would be wise to do all they can to protect themselves and their workers just in case the worst does happen later down the line.

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