Landlords May Have To Contribute To Energy Efficiency

Window films are a great way to improve the energy efficiency of a home.

They can reduce the draughtiness of a property and also help to reflect heat in the summer and retain it in the winter. It is an essential step when trying to improve the energy efficiency of any home.

It could prove vital to landlords who are now facing bills of thousands of pounds to improve the energy efficiency of their properties following new legislation.

The Government has proposed that landlords should be responsible for improving the energy efficiency of rental homes with an F or G-rating. This is thought to affect around six per cent of the 280,000 privately rented homes in the UK.

The new legal minimum standard for homes will be an E rating from 2020, and it is thought the new legislation will cost landlords thousands.

Originally the proposals laid out suggested that there should be a cost cap to protect landlords, placed at £5,000 worth of improvements.

However, it is now thought that landlords will be liable to pay just £2,500 towards improvements to improve the rating of their properties to an E.

Joanne Wade, chief executive of the Association for the Conservation of Energy, told Business Green. “The alternative of a £5,000 cap would double the average energy bill savings for tenants and enable 35,000 more homes to be brought up to the minimum standard,” she argued.

Either way, window films could be a great solution for homes that fall short of the energy efficiency needed by many families.

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