Jihadists Drone Attacks on Britain’s Sport Stadiums ‘only a matter of time’

The Independent recently warned that Britain should prepare for IS terror attacks, following a video threat that was released last week.

The video, which surfaced earlier this month, shows Iraqi fighters learning how to weaponise commercial drones, which are expected to be flown into sport stadiums to detonate lethal explosives amongst crowds that have gathered for the event.

(Photo: Middle East Media Research Institute)

According to the terror group, these “quadcopters”, which can easily be bought on the high-street are being smuggled into workshops where their technicians have allegedly perfected modifications that allow the drones to carry a devastating payload of around 20kgs.

Terror threats have been popping up like toast at a cheap hotel, some true, some false, but are they simply scare tactics and what measures can be taken should they follow through with them?

According to ISRN Emergency Medicine, the most common cause of death from a bomb blast are inflicted by flying glass and Home Office advice suggests bomb blast film as a protective measure, as 95% of death injury and damage in a blast is caused by flying glass. This high-tensile blast protective film is fixed directly to existing glass, reducing the impact of flying shards. They are MOD-approved films with certified edge retention systems that help prevent glass from shattering, offering protection for sports fans in or near corporate boxes and anywhere near glass.

In recent months various stadia have been taking action. Solartek Films Ltd were commissioned by the MCC to install blast mitigation film to 90% of glass at Lords Cricket ground and 3 major football stadiums have done the same, including Manchester United (Old Trafford), Manchester City (Etihad) and West Bromwich Albion (The Hawthorns).

Sports stadiums aren’t the only ones who should consider the installation of protective window film either. Home Office Advice suggests shopping centresconcertscinemas/theatresattraction parkspubs and clubs could also be targeted.

Empty threats or cause for concern? Taking action is fast, simple and cost effective and will save lives, injuries and millions in damages.

Look at what happens to glass without and with film in a blast situation…can you really afford not to?

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