Warm Weekend Was Hottest In Years

The UK is enjoying plenty of fine weather this week, with many places experiencing temperatures in the mid-20s C. The unexpected weather has even been the hottest in several years, which could encourage more people to consider heat reduction window film to keep cool during the day.

London experienced the highest temperature so far, with 27 C recorded on Sunday (May 8th), marking the hottest May day for the last four years.

The south was not the only place to enjoy the beautiful sunshine, however, and Skye in Scotland recorded a high of 26.1 C on Monday, breaking records for May.

The previous high was 24.4 C, which occurred in May 2008 and 2009.

Despite the unprecedented high temperatures of the weekend, the record for the hottest May day in the UK has not been surpassed. Indeed, the 32.8 C experienced in 1922 and 1944, according to the Met Office, is several degrees higher than the temperatures felt earlier this week.

Brits have been reminded to stay safe in the sunshine, as it will continue till the end of the week. Dr Jana Witt, Cancer Research UK’s health information officer, said: “The best way to protect skin when the sun is so strong is to spend time in the shade between 11:00 and 15:00, and to cover up with clothing including t-shirt, hat and sunglasses.”

However, those who do not cope well in the sunshine might be relieved to hear the warm weather is not expected to last much longer.

AccuWeather meteorologist Tyler Roys predicted shower spells will hit England, Wales and Northern Ireland, with southern England to be hit the worst with heavy rain.

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