Growing Demand Helping Boost Energy Efficiency In Commercial Building

Demand from both investors and tenants in commercial buildings for properties that are more energy efficient is helping the sector to make gains in this area around the world.

This is the assertion of the latest Greenprint Performance Report, which examines drivers of sustainability within commercial real estate, as well as looking at the measures building owners and tenants can take to improve the energy efficiency of their buildings.

The report noted that investors are increasingly asking about the environmental, social and governance programmes and performance of assets, which in turn is encouraging building operators to take strides to improve the environmental performance of their properties.

Meanwhile, tenants in commercial buildings have also played a part by seeking out properties that have strong environmental credentials.

According to the report, daylight and views are some of the most important factors when it comes to improving tenant satisfaction. That often means buildings with large windows are popular, but traditionally these would suffer when it came to energy efficiency.

Using energy saving window films could be one way for building managers to combat this.

The report also cited a high-tech example of how technology can be used for everyone’s benefits. One building in Seattle had its windows replaced with glass that automatically tints in response to external conditions, which led to energy use in the building falling by 18 per cent.

These different technological advances are part of the reason why glass is becoming more popular within sustainable building design. recently noted that manufacturing advances that have improved glass’ thermal performance have helped boost its appeal among developers.


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