Green Office Refurbishment Could ‘Save £1.5 Trillion’

Commercial buildings should be making eco-friendly upgrades, such as installing window film that saves energy, if they want to muscle in on a savings pot of nearly £1.5 trillion worldwide, according to Philips Lighting.

The research, reported by Business Green, found that eco-friendly buildings required less space per employee, meaning that businesses could make big savings on their rental bills. 

Based on a move by consultancy firm Deloitte’s move to one of the world’s most green commercial buildings, the brand concluded that space per employee could be reduced by up to 50 per cent, while improving the wellbeing of the workforce. 

Philips Lighting released the report alongside World Green Building Week, which has called for buildings in developed countries to hit ‘net-zero’ emissions by the year 2050. The brand has likewise made an assertion that renovation of buildings in developed countries should hit 3 per cent per year, incorporating new smart and environmentally minded technology which can help save on space and energy bills. 

The likes of insulation window film can prevent loss of radiant heat by up to 93 per cent, meaning stored heat which reduces the reliance on heating during winter, reducing your energy bills and your building’s carbon emissions in turn. 

In summer, it reflects up to 75 per cent of solar heat, reducing reliance on air conditioning, and therefore reducing carbon emissions again. That’s all before you see savings on productivity and morale, which can all be affected by a workplace being too hot or too cold.

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