Glass ‘Now More Appealing For Sustainable Buildings’

Glass is an increasingly attractive option in sustainable property design thanks to recent advances in manufacturing, according to a prominent Australian glass supplier.

Writing recently on the website, Australia’s largest glass supplier and only manufacturer Viridian commented that the relationship between glass and energy efficiency has changed for the better as a result of recent manufacturing developments.

In the past, glass has been known for its high transfer coefficient, which allows heat to escape easily through the material. This has meant that until recently, glass was not readily associated with energy efficiency.

However, as modern technology has improved the material’s thermal performance, glass now plays a pivotal role in the demand for energy-efficient buildings.

Developments such as double glazing, lamination and special coatings have helped make glass more appealing in terms of sustainable design options, Viridian asserts.

“Designs can now incorporate glass more without having to compromise on energy efficiency, which is a big win for consumers and builders alike,” the firm said.

Glass provides a variety of advantages over other materials, maximising light exposure, allowing for temperature control and establishing a connection with the outside world for the “perfect marriage of design and performance”, the firm states.

It is possible to further enhance a building’s energy saving properties with specialist window film – energy saving window film is designed to minimise heat loss through glass, keeping homes and offices warm without needing to increase the thermostat.

For a building that gets too warm, meanwhile, heat reduction window film can help reduce a buildup of heat in a property.

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