Glarereduction window film

Heat transmitted through your glass from the sun is the main cause for making an environment – whether it be your office or home – far too hot and uncomfortable, unless you have air conditioning. Along with the high expense of running these, a vast amount of energy is used which produces tonnes of CO2. That’s why you should invest in glare reduction window film.

Solartek supply and install a range of heat & glare reduction window film that will reduce heat, glare and your carbon footprint. They are all a practical and cost efficient way to control temperatures and glare, with very little disruption during installation.

It is the employer’s responsibility to provide a comfortable working environment according to current health & safety laws and display screen equipment regulations. High temperatures and strong glare can cause fatigue, eye strain and headaches/migraines as well as staff underperformance due to discomfort. Inadequate solar control can also lead to absenteeism costing a company fortunes.

By having Solartek Film installed, your glass will reduce all of these. We have produced some specification sheets of the most popular solar films we install throughout the UK & Europe.

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