Football Clubs/Fans Warned Over Terrorist Attacks

Counter-terror officers have issued a security advice warning to football clubs, urging them to ensure that fans are prepared for a possible terrorist attack as the Premier League season kicks off.

According to the Daily Mail, officials from clubs have attended police workshops to help them address possible threats to sports grounds around the country – although police have insisted that there are currently no signs of an elevated threat at this time.

The English Football League and the Premier League have both committed to sending out security advice to clubs to put on their websites and post on social media. Fans are also now being told to arrive early and not carry too much as bag searches could delay entry to grounds.

Deputy national coordinator for the Protect and Prepare counter-terror strategy Superintendent Dave Roney was quoted by the news source as saying: “While there is no specific intelligence of an increased threat to football grounds in the UK, we have seen that terrorists are prepared to carry out attacks on this type of target.”

At the start of the year, Manchester United appointed a full-time counter-terrorism manager – the first time an England sports club took such action. Vehicles are also now being checked as they go into car parks and fans have to be searched at turnstiles.

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