Could Your Firm’s Windows Be Costing You Money?

Whatever kind of business you run, your premises will have windows somewhere. Glazing is great for ensuring you have good levels of natural light, are able to get fresh air into your space and for making an office, shop or other premises feel open and welcoming.

But according to a new study the energy saving potential of windows is being ignored across Europe.

Planning and Building Control Today highlighted research conducted by Glass for Europe on behalf of ECOFYS, which found that the minimum energy efficiency standards laid out in the Energy Performance of Building Directive are not being followed.

The firm noted that the majority of windows in European buildings are either single glazed or uncoated double glazed panes. This means the potential for saving energy through different kinds of windows and finishes is being largely overlooked.

Bertrand Cazes, secretary general, said that even though a significant amount of energy could be saved by selecting energy-efficient windows, the research shows “that regulatory measures in place are insufficient or not properly enforced”.

Businesses that are concerned about the performance of their glazing may want to consider window films as a more affordable alternative to replacing the glass itself.

This isn’t the first time that the energy efficiency of European buildings has been called into question, with an article in Euractiv earlier this month noting that improvements need to be made when retrofitting premises around the continent.

It argued that the rate at which buildings are updated is too slow, with more ambitious targets required to ensure the building stock around Europe becomes more efficient, helping us reduce our carbon emissions.

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