Have you ever considered what damage is caused by the sun to your skin when you are inside?

The Skin Cancer Foundation founder Perry Robbins MD is quoted on their website “To see the damage that untreated glass can do, take a close look at the furnishings in your home that are hit by direct sunlight, if the sun has faded the color of your sofa, it can just as easily damage your skin when you sit there.”

“Indoor workers stationed near windows have significantly more wrinkled, rough-textured, and sagging skin on the side of the face closer to the window.” (The Skin Cancer Foundation 2013)

The Skin Cancer Foundation has a “Seal of Recommendation” for products that help to reduce the risk of skin melanomas and the installation of Window Film to your home, office and car is part of the suggested protection.

The harmful UVB rays are blocked by the glass but the equally harmful UVA rays do penetrate, and this is what can cause the damage to you and the interior of your home or office.

Solartek Films Ltd carry the Seal of Recommendation on our website as approved installers of Solar Gard window films, their products have been assessed by the Skin Cancer Foundation and are recommended as they reduce the harmful UVA rays coming through traditional glazing by 99.9%.

Window Film: The Best Sun Shield for Car, Home and Office. For further information on skin cancer prevention, detection, and treatment, please visit SkinCancer.org.

Read about Solartek Fade Reduction Window Film.

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