Euro 2016 Stadiums ‘Potential Targets For Terrorists’

Football fans making their way over to France have been warned by the Foreign Office that stadiums are huge targets for terrorist attacks. As such, those travelling to the country would be wise to be extra vigilant when watching the football and travelling to the different sites and venues.

According to the Daily Telegraph, a spokesman from the Foreign Office said: “We have updated the travel advice to provide further information for fans on the risk of terrorism in France as they start to travel for Euro 2016. This is consistent with the advice we have already issued for France and is not in response to a new or specific threat.”

The updated travel advice warns that there is now a “high threat” from terrorism. Islamist terrorist groups continue to make ongoing threats against France and the French military recently intervened against Daesh.

To put people’s minds at ease, a spokeswoman from Downing Street confirmed that the French authorities have 77,000 police and gendarmes now in place, as well as 10,000 military personnel and a similar number of security guards.

Businesses in both France and England should be on their guard as much as possible for terrorist attacks, whether there’s a big event on like the Euros or otherwise. Given the fact that the vast majority of injuries that occur during a terrorist incident are down to flying glass, businesses would be wise to invest in products like bomb blast window film to help minimise these risks.

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