Energy Efficiency First Should Still Be A Priority

Philip Sellwood, chief executive of the Energy Saving Trust, has stressed the importance of continuing to focus on energy efficiency policies post-Brexit, as well as keeping the momentum going with the renewable energy sector.

Speaking at the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) select committee earlier this month, Mr Sellwood said that the government needs to be careful that we don’t fall behind the rest of Europe when it comes to climate initiatives, pointing to the end of the Green Deal as an example of a policy change that hinders the UK in this area.

He also added that the UK should commit to taking on forward proposals in the European Commission’s Winter Package relating to energy efficiency.

“The single biggest priority is not to miss the opportunity […] to take a strong ownership of energy efficiency as the first principle,” Mr Sellwood asserted.

Under the energy policy to 2030, a 30 per cent energy efficiency target will be introduced to encourage businesses and households alike to do more to save energy.

There is already a strong argument for investing in energy efficiency, with the Energy Saving Trust pointing to the success of eco design in EU products, where for every £1 spent, there is £3.80 of benefit.

Last year, Climate Action Tracker urged governments and developers to do more to develop zero emissions buildings, with the organisation revealing that 20 per cent of all global emissions come from buildings.

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