Energy Bills To Rise By £172 On NYE?

Homeowners keen to claw back a bit of cash on their energy bills in the year ahead might want to invest in energy saving window film so they don’t have to have the heating on so much in the winter.

According to new research from, 11 fixed tariffs are coming to an end on December 31st and when they do, households could see their bills climb by 18 per cent on average – or £172 – if they are automatically rolled over onto their supplier’s variable tariff.

Companies that have tariffs due to end at the end of the year include Sainsbury’s Energy, Co-operative Energy, Npower, Extra Energy and Scottish Power.

“With Christmas just around the corner, December can take a heavy toll on family finances and the last thing most people need is an increase in their energy bills, especially when usage is typically at its highest in the winter months,” energy spokesman at the company Ben Wilson said.

It’s always advisable to shop around to see what other deals are out there instead of just assuming that you’re still on a good rate.

However, you can help to reduce your heating bills while also driving down your carbon footprint if you invest in window film that can help boost insulation at home or work. In the winter, it can help to prevent up to 93 per cent of heat from escaping through your windows, while during the summer it can also help keep your home cool. They prove particularly useful in conservatories so perhaps consider making an investment in the year ahead.

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