Energy Saving Tips For Your Business

If you are looking into energy saving window film for your organisation, make sure all your hard work isn’t wasted by accidently losing energy this Christmas.

UK businesses waste around £9 million every Christmas by leaving the fairy lights on, according to ABC Money, so have a look at your organisation’s habits to prevent wasting energy unnecessarily.

Vending machines

These pose both a health and financial risk to your staff so question if you really need one? If you must, then bear in mind that they can cost £120 just to keep them turned on all year round. If you close down for the holidays, make sure it is turned off at the wall.

Turn off the lights

This is a particularly big deal at Christmas when you may have more on than usual. Remove the risk of electrical fires by making sure these are off.

Turn it down, but not off

Though you need to be careful not to overheat your office, and turning it down a degree can save a lot of money, don’t turn everything off when you go away. Frozen and burst pipes can cause all sorts of problems if they happen, so prevent this by keeping the building warm enough to heat the pipes.

Draft proof the building

There is little point putting energy saving films on your windows if they are draughty and old. Either get these replaced, or find another way to plug up gaps that are letting the cold draughts in.

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