Window Film Case Study: Selex Galileo

The large expanse of glass in the roof at this building had solar film applied to the external face of the glass many years ago. Over the years – and long after the warranty had expired – the ultra violet eventually got through the UV protective barrier on the film. The film de-laminated, causing fading and cracking.

The heat transmission and glare problem returned, affecting both staff & visitors sitting below. The good news about externally applied film is it can be stripped and replaced when required.

Solartek visited the site and agreed upon safe methods of working in order to strip and replace the existing film.

Due to the weather conditions in Edinburgh at this time of year, Solartek had to strip the film and de-glue just before winter hit in 2011. We then returned in the spring of 2012 to supply and install new Silver 20 external grade film to the whole roof, reflect 80% of heat transmission.

With this amount of heat being reflected during summer months, the client’s energy costs have dropped dramatically due to the reduced need for cooling.

Solartek were extremely professional from start to finish. It was important that all safety precautions were identified and implemented and their detailed Risk Assesment and Methods - as well as the regular checks carried out - ensured this contract was carried out both safely and professionally.

Jim McLean

Contract Details


Contract Value

12 working day during bad weather conditions