Window Film Case Study: Saper Glass

Saper Glass were contacted by St Martin’s Church, Basildon and asked if anything could be done to reduce the amount of heat being transmitted through the large glass façade on the front of the church.

Visitors, staff & parishioners regularly congregate behind this glass and even in colder months when the sun is low the heat transmission can make the area very uncomfortable to sit in.

A meeting was set up between the Church’s representative, Saper Glass (St Martin’s Church glazing contractor) and Solartek Films to test the glass. That allowed Solartek Films to specify a compatible film for reducing heat, thereby creating a much more comfortable environment without losing too much light.

SolarGard Silver 35 medium solar reflective film was chosen as the preferred window film due to it reflecting over 60% heat whilst only reflecting 37% light. The window film was installed in 2 days. With a 10 year manufacturer warranty and a life expectancy of 15 years, this application of solar film will keep everyone that visits the church on a sunny day cooler and more comfortable for many years.

Contract Details

St Martin's Church, Basildon

Contract Value

2 days