Window Film Case Study: Lisney Belfast

Solartek Films supplied and installed SolarGard Silver 20 solar reflective window film to all windows on all 28 floors of this prestigious Belfast Building.

SolarGard Silver 20 was chosen as the best window film available to achieve their requirements, following a number of meetings and discussions.

The client requirements included:

  • Heat reduction
  • Glare reduction
  • Insulation
  • Privacy
  • Aesthetic enhancement

The installation of SolarGard Silver 20 window film meets each of these requirements.

Read more about this project in the Irish Times.

The rebirth of the Obel is continuing at pace thanks to the internal enhancement works carried out to the one, two and three-bedroom apartments, as well as the duplex and penthouse suites. The installation of the solar window film is part of the many exciting plans we have implemented.

Ciaran O'Kane, director of property management at Lisney

Contract Details

The Obel Tower, Belfast

Contract Value

12 months