Window Film Case Study: EDS

Solartek Films Ltd were asked by Boland Glazing to organise the erection of safe access in order for Solartek to strip the existing old solar film from the external surface of glass. Solartek then arranged for all glazed rooflights to have external grade Silver Solar Film applied.

The main drawback was that work could only be carried out at weekends due to the client’s policy on working on the roof above.

Solartek successfully completed this contract over 10 weekends.

This film will considerably reduce EDS’s carbon footprint. It reflects 79% heat transmission during summer months, and creates a much more comfortable working atmosphere for the 1200 + employees working below.

Very difficult contract due to the amount of weekends available with suitable weather. However the contract was completed successfully, and meets all of the client's high Health & Safety expectations.

Gerry Harris

Contract Details

Stockley Park, Heathrow

Contract Value

12 weekends