Window Film Case Study: Dixons

Dixons Stores Group PLC found themselves in an awkward situation when a member of the public walked into a shopfront pane of glass that was not made apparent and did not meet the Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulation 14 to break safely.

Whilst facing prosecution they decided to take steps to meet this European Law.

Solartek Films Ltd’s Managing Director Ben Hickling managed this contract for Express Glazing Contractors Ltd. Each and every one of their stores throughout the United Kingdom – in excess of 1000 – needed the glass identified in order to upgrade it.

Each pane of glass that falls within the parameters laid down was tested by the contractors surveyors and a Risk Assessment Glass Audit report was submitted to Dixons Stores Group PLC informing them of exactly what glass did not meet the law.

After careful planning, Ben Hickling managed the revisiting of all the stores that needed upgrading, ensuring that the time of the visit was convenient and that displays could be removed to gain access to the glass. Armorgard 100 micron clear safety film was applied to any glass not meeting BS6206 [now EN12600] and marked the glass to show it conformed to European Law.

At Dixons Stores Group’s request Ben managed a 3rd visit after the installation of safety film contract was complete, applying 2 rows of manifestation to all shopfront glazing to make it apparent and to meet DDA regulations.

This originally seemed to be an extremely complex task as space and time of our store managers are limited. The contractors excelled themselves in this and proved that their tailored pre-contract procedures worked as interruptions were minimal and productivity remained.

Sue Stevens, Head of Facilities

Contract Details

Over 1000 UK stores

Contract Value
In excess of £1.1m

18 months