Window Film Case Study: Capita

Capita contacted Solartek Films with many issues they wanted to resolve.

They had a major glare problem that was not only a Health & Safety issue but was causing the staff problems with their computer screens when the sun was shining. They also had a problem with heat transmission through their glass, sending the air conditioning into overload. As a company that has energy reduction as one of their top priorities, they were keen to reduce the amount of energy required in order to keep the building at a comfortable temperature.

Solartek Films assisted to specify the best film type for their building. We supplied and fitted Solartek Silver Reflective Solar Film, cutting glare by 83% and reducing heat by 79%.

This resolved all three problems in one application. Capita had an ROI of less than four years thanks to the decrease in energy required to cool the building to acceptable levels.

Given that the product has a life expectancy of 15 years they would – with a payback of four years – make a return of £75,000.00 on their investment.

A note of thanks and appreciation to you and your guys for the solar film installation. On time, under budget and not one complaint. That's pretty perfect.

Claire Mansley, Facilities Manager

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10 days