Window Film Case Study: Belgique

Belgique’s in Ware has a fantastic window display made up of glorious cakes and treats. The displays attract hundreds of passers by to stop and look in. Unfortunately the sun was melting the products in their window and they had to regularly pull down their blinds to protect them.

The damaged stock had a negative impact on both sales and therefore profits.

Historically heat reduction window films had a heavy tint. The latest heat reduction window films work through infra-red reduction and nano technology. As a result, many manufacturers have been able to produce nearly clear films that reduce up to 60% heat.

This has had a huge impact on retail where shops rely on people being able to see their window displays, yet need to keep their products cool.

Solartek installed SolarGard LX 70 to the internal face of the front display windows. Belgique have not pulled their blinds since and have enjoyed more profits as a result.

The 15 year manufacturers warranty will no doubt give Belgique a large return on investment.

Our windows face south and have the sun on our displays all day. One of the worst times of year is February, March & April when the sun is low. We had our blinds pulled on all days the sun was out and did not know what we could do until we were made aware of 3M PR70 from Solartek Films Ltd. It works very well and was an excellent decision to have it installed by Solartek.

Robert Burton

Contract Details

High Street, Ware, Hertfordshire, UK

Contract Value

2 hours, before opening time