Window Film Case Study: BBC

Solartek Films Ltd carried out a complete Workplace (Health, Safety & Welfare) Regulation 14 Glass Audit throughout BBC’s London buildings.

Our full-time site manager dealt with the complex and sensitive issues around working for a large corporation, involving gaining access to many sensitive areas.

With the majority of areas requiring the removal of obstructions, the role of our site manager in liaising with the BBC porters proved crucial. This helped to ensure that installation of our safety and manifestation films was carried out efficiently and with minimal disruption.

Spanning a two-year period in a challenging environment, Solartek Films completed the work without any adverse comment or criticism.

Solartek Films had to gain access to every room throughout our London offices and studios. There were many highly sensitive areas and extremely busy overcrowded offices that needed film applied, so it was a credit to Solartek that the project was completed with minimal disruptions.

Kate Horsman

Contract Details

All London Buildings including Television Centre Wood Lane

Contract Value
£1.2 million

8 months on site, over a 2 year period