CarbonReduction window film solutions

Carbon reduction window film addresses the Carbon Reduction Commitment, an initiative from the government that cannot be ignored.

How can we help?

The Carbon Reduction Commitment brings in the UK’s first mandatory carbon trading scheme. Launched in April 2010, it covers large non-energy intensive business and public sector organisations.

About 5000 organisations come within scope of the new legislation. These organisation range from retailers, banks, water companies, hotel chains, universities and local authorities.

The scheme is compulsory for large organisations using more than 6,000 MWh/year of half-hourly metered electricity. This translates to roughly £500,000 in electricity bills. The scheme is aimed at encouraging these large organisations to reduce their fixed source energy consumption.

Companies now need to buy carbon allowances to cover their carbon emissions. This involves measuring and recording energy use and calculating carbon dioxide (CO<sub2) emissions.

By having the correct carbon reduction window film installed, you’ll be keeping solar energy out of your building. This will result in a cooler, more comfortable climate to work in, increased productivity and less strain on your cooling & heating systems. The end result is that you will significantly lower your utility bill.

Payback on investment can be as little as 2 years, whilst contributing to your organisation’s commitment in reducing your carbon allowance. Additional benefits in reduced running costs, carbon allowance vouchers and a reduced risk of fines. Fines can be issued to organisations if the energy targets laid down in the Carbon Commitment are not met.

Window film is one of the only 25 products that have been approved by the Clinton Climate Initiative, being ‘practical, measurable and significant’.

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