Bookies Bet On Hottest Summer On Record

With the past week giving the UK a reminder of what a real summer can be like, it’s looking more and more like glare reduction window film is a must for all commercial buildings this year.

In fact, bookies are now taking bets on this summer being the hottest on record according to City Am – with 6/4 chance of temperatures topping those previously recorded in the UK across the summer months, as well as a ¼ chance of a new singular temperature high.

Of course, a spell of above average warm weather is sure to put employees in a good mood, but as a building manager, there’s a whole load of compelling reasons you’ll want to prevent glare in your offices and stop them overheating.

Hot summer weather has the tendency to affect productivity too – bad news for businesses when there’s an extended spell of high temperatures and glaring sunlight. Preventing glare affecting your employees looking at the screens, and making sure your office remains at a bearable temperature should be high on your list of priorities to ensure your workforce can do their jobs.

However, there’s also health implications with a heatwave too. The Met Office forecast heatwaves to different levels – with higher numbers signifying extra risk to health and wellbeing. This intensifies for children or the elderly, pregnant women or those with respiratory, cardiovascular or other chronic issues.

So, best to opt for Solartek window film and ensure your windows work with you to help keep your office cool and the best possible setting to get business done – your employees will thank you for it!

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