Special Forces In Dirty Bomb Attack Training

Both British and US special forces have come together to undertake chemical, nuclear, radiological and biological training in secret, sanctioned by emergency cabinet response team COBRA, to prepare for a possible dirty bomb attack.

The FBI, Navy Seals, Delta Force, Special Boat Service and the SAS brought bomb disposal experts together to train in London last week, the Daily Mirror reports.

In all, four venues across London were used during the drills, including empty facilities near the MI6 headquarters, an empty building in Lambeth Palace and Lord’s cricket ground.

Speaking to the Sunday Times, an insider said: “High-profile targets were chosen to bring more drama to the exercise. The bombs were incredibly sophisticated. Once the bomb was discovered, the teams had to make an assessment of the threat to both the bomb disposal officer and the building.”

The source went on to say that the teams were all working outside their comfort zones, with the exercises intended to test them in ways they’ve never been tested before.

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