Security Advice For UK Stadiums & Arenas

These days, the threat of terrorism is very real for businesses in cities and larger towns, so it’s important that those at the top do all they can to ensure that the appropriate level of security is implemented to help limit the risks.

Advice from the National Counter Terrorism Security Office for those running stadiums and arenas includes having good quality windows and doors fitted to ensure that the buildings remain secure. It would also be wise to look into the alarms that can be fitted as well.

CCTV, intruder alarms and lighting are effective at deterring crime and identifying potential offenders, stopping them in their tracks. As the security office says, however, these systems will have to be integrated in order for them to work together effectively. Bear in mind as well that CCTV will only be a good security measure if the cameras are properly maintained and monitored.

What has been seen in the instance of a terrorist attack is that a lot of the injuries that are sustained actually come from flying glass. As such, it is important that you look into the different options available to you in order to help minimise shattering and the number of casualties during an attack.

We here at Solartek sell bomb blast window film that can be applied to all your windows and stop glass from flying around if a bomb or similar does go off. It certainly makes sense to invest in these products if you are worried about what might happen if a terrorist attack does happen.

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